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The EU: A Corporatist Racket

Author: David Barnby
Reviewer: Edward Spalton, Campaign for Independent Britain
Many books have covered the ideological origins of what is now the EU. This book describes the manoeuvres of the principal post-war actors whose guile, determination and deceit contrived progressively to deprive our country of its constitution and liberty whilst pretending to engage in mere facilitation of trade (“The Common Market”) and international . . . read full review.

Murder for the Truth

Author: Edwin Williamson
“ . . . remarkable book. Very readable and well researched . . . every page reveals startling facts. Highly recommended to anyone interested in police history . . . an enjoyable read in its own right”.
MoD Police Superhighway Patrol (website).
“ An extremely interesting book . . . needed to be written”. Police History Society Newsletter.
“ . . . an intriguing work of historical detection”.
Salisbury Journal.
“An excellent comment on the 'class' system that prevailed pre-WW1. Recommend it to those who study the social conditions of the time”.
John Leftwich.