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The EU: A Corporatist Racket

Author: David Barnby
Reviewer: Edward Spalton, Campaign for Independent Britain
‘Meticulously researched - perhaps most telling of all is the quote from Harold Wilson after ECA72 was passed in a confidence motion in the Heath Government by 309 to 301 votes: “in breach of his election promise, the Prime Minister has not got the full hearted consent of the British people. Secondly has not got the full-hearted consent of parliament. Thirdly when he said that he must get this through on Tory votes in a majority, he has not done so.”’
Steve Unwin, UnwinsBooks, Shaftsbury, Dorset

‘Mindblowing - essential reading for all who value freedom and democracy. This brilliantly researched and well written book is a real eye opener.’
              Undine book reviewer

‘It is a thorough job, backed by detailed research with frequent facsimile documents from public archives. From the early post war years, it traces the growth of the European Movement, saved from bankruptcy by substantial CIA funds and by American corporate money.’
‘Drawing on official records, the author makes a strong case on the balance of probabilities that Britain's abandonment of the Black Arrow satellite launcher was part of the price of entry to the EEC, giving the French a monopoly in the European space programme.’
‘There is an extremely interesting piece on “85 Frampton Street”, the media centre for Britain in Europe which the author visited in 2003 when a referendum on the euro currency was in the air. Campaigners should know of the scale of publicity machine available to our foes and its cosy existing relationship with the media.’
‘ …. this highly original account will be extremely useful both as a readable record and as a mine of verified quotations for anyone speaking or writing on our country's present state.’
Edward Spalton Campaign for Independent Britain

‘This is the best account I have read of the campaign run by the pro-EEC lobby in this country. The state, including the Information Research Department (IRD), the quasi-independent anti-subversion, anti-communist propaganda organization, co-opted large chunks of the media to run its line.* How cosy it all was back then: a handful of the significant media figures, regular meetings to get ‘the line’ for the day and a vast, informal propaganda machine was created.’
* The best account previously was that of Paul Lashmar and James Oliver, ‘How MI6 pushed Britain to join Europe’, Sunday Telegraph, 27 April 1997
Robin Ramsay Lobster Magazine, Issue. 69,  Summer 2015
 ‘I like Mr. Barnby’s attention to detail in producing reliable (official) sources, and the ability to get all this material in focus. It is a book that will be quoted by other authors often in the future, and it is a good idea to find out what he actually says. I hope he writes more on this subject. There is no reason to doubt the unlawful treachery behind our entry into the EU after reading this book.’
Robert Francis Marlborough Research Group Convener