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Many people have a story to tell and deliberate long over putting it on record through a book, but need a little prompting and encouragement to get started.

How many books fail to get written, let alone published, because the task seems just too daunting and the story teller, even with a good story, just does not know how to tackle such an undertaking?

It’s true that, unless you are gifted and have natural facility with words, then, yes, much time, effort and dedication will have to be expended and you will find there is no other recourse than to settle down and get into it. We hear of writers who sometimes just sit looking at a blank page, often for days, before mind and soul provide the inspiration to move forward.

Writing (I mean a good book) is certainly not easy and can be chronically gruelling. I think this was best explained by that celebrated author, George Orwell:

‘Writing a book is a horrible, exhausting struggle, like a long bout of some painful illness.’

So you have been warned.

If you are not now put off, then consider what we can offer by way of help and direction in undertaking a book. I should, however, point out that we deal only in non-fictional books, which means that you should have considerable experience of the subject you wish to write about before setting out. So here are the areas which we may be able to help you with:

Finally word of warning: there is no guarantee that any book is going to be a success (however you may measure success), countless books are written but the great majority never make the shelves in bookshops. This may not, of course, be due to the merit of a book and is more often down to bookshop economics, but there can still be great satisfaction in your first (or subsequent) book, as it will no doubt be of interest to friends, relatives and special interest groups.